Monday, February 13, 2006

Mailing list for ex-employees, 10yrs of partnership and more ...

Certainly interesting to find out that people who have left your company have a mailing list that helps them stay in touch !! Understandably, the theme is going to be get-togethers and info-sharing.

Here's the yahoogroup for ex-codcians (CODC - Cisco Offshore Development Centre, although the first 'C' is often interpreted as Chennai) !

It's also interesting to note that the organization is interested in reaching out to a lot of them on account of a "10-years-of-partnership" (with Cisco) celebration that's coming up. Certainly, an admirable move. Some kind of a college-alumni get-together. Afterall, a lot of these ex-employees had been quite critical in helping the organization to be where it is today. Talk about being grateful ! :)

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