Monday, January 09, 2006

One heck of a tool - Mp3Tag ...

I've always wanted an mp3 tag editor to edit my music collection. The built-in tag editor that came along with my Creative Zen Touch Mp3 Player's Creative MediaSource software was functional, but lacked sophistication and was cumbersome to use. I've always hand edited mp3 tags and that was really tiring and boring, not to mention extremely time consuming.

Last night, I got my act together and searched for "mp3 tag editor" on beloved Google and was presented with Mp3Tag - the universal Tag Editor amidst several other choices. Given that it was free to use, I was tempted to try it out and I couldn't have been any happier for that stroke of luck.

Things that I like about it

1. Its free.
2. It has ability to generate tag information from file names.
3. It can construct file names from tag information.
4. It can bring Hungarian Notation (This Is An Example Of One) to tag information.
5. Its very fast.
6. Very flexible.
7. Has tons of other useful options

The software project home page has information on some of the useful/main features.

I'm still to explore various other options of the software, but I'm pretty pleased with what I've seen and used till now. It will become a part of my "Must Have Software" collection.

I've received good recommendations for the following software on Mac/Linux.
* amaroK (for Linux/Unix, ports available for other platforms)
* EasyTAG (for Mac/Linux)

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