Friday, January 13, 2006

Just 7 at about 9.20am ...

Given that today is a holiday for those who have opted for it in my office, I see just 7 people, at about 9.20am in my floor's wing where it can seat about 100+ people.

Also, there's this thing with flexi-timing. While I've been to the US and people there "rush" (or get in) to the office pretty early in the morning, between 7-8am (at times), here, it's usually between 10am-12pm !!

OTOH, if the company does stipulate fixed timings like 9am-6pm, people do come in at 9am (leaving at 6pm may not necessarily happen always).

What do you think could be the reason ?

One of the reasons for the behavior in US could be the nasty traffic jams if starting late, convenient access from home, etc. Any others ?

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Krishna said...

People over there in the US are more worried about not being able to spend time with the family. Here the families understand that you can be late, and so we are more casual!