Friday, November 11, 2005

Recent ADSL router, DVD-R media purchases ...

For those interested in pricing info, and the benefits of buying in Indian market, read on.

Recently, I bought a D-Link 502-T ADSL Router. It has an ADSL port, USB port, Ethernet port (504T comes with 4-port switch) and inbuilt firewall (bare minimum functionality as I see it). It cost me Rs.2100/- on Ritchie Street (Chennai).

And, I got a 50-pack DVD-R (local make - scorpio) at Rs.13.5 per disk ( Ritchie Street, Chennai).

As luck would have it, I messed up with the ADSL router firmware while trying to upgrade. A quick visit to the local distributor helped in clearing it in about 2mins (wait time of around 15-20mins). I could probably have done it at home, but didn't know the proper procedure (now, I do!!).

As luck would it once more, the ADSL port on the device suddenly stopped working. In between email exhanges with D-Link Techsupport (they have an all India toll free telephone support line - 1600-222-002- too), I took the device (once again) to the local distributor. They exchanged the device for another one with no other questions asked ! Call that service !! Impressive.

Had I bought the device from US (or outside India), this could probably have been a painful exercise. Note that since the margin of price difference is relatively low for such a device, it may be worthwhile to consider buying it locally, given the excellent support that's available.

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