Friday, September 16, 2005

Trying out Opera 8, sick of Firefox ...

Maybe there's something about the way I use my desktop (Win2K), things are perenially slow on it, inspite of it being a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 processor with 512MB RAM. Switching between applications can take as long as a minute. Typing something on the screen can have a delay to make the characters invisible for as long as upto even a minute, my Firefox and Thunderbird instances always easily cross 200MB each (are terribly unresponsive) ... and so on.

I'm quite sick of the desktop at times and more so of FF and TB. The thing is I don't like to terminate these instances at the end of the day and that's probably causing a leak due to prolonged usage.

Anyway, the short story is that I'm now trying out Opera 8 after a long time. I was one of the first people to try out Opera when it hit the market a few years ago. I liked it then, for the speed demon that it was (can't recollect why I moved on, maybe the lack of support on many "intelligent" sites hat don't render proper HTML). Since then, I've tried out other browsers and somehow got stuck to FF (for quite some time - for the past year/two or so).

Let's see how Opera works out for me.

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Krish said...

few weeks back Opera gave out free licese codes. I pickes up one :)

Still u can try this: