Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's official now - It sucks ...

And, I'm talking about Creative's Zen Touch 40GB MP3 player.

In the past few days that I've actively been using it since I bought it on 16-Jul-2005 (that's a long time to not put it to heavy use), it has frozen a lot many times, requiring a hard reset (via a pin hole in the chassis). It's required entire reformat twice.

For something as "simple" as an MP3 player, that statistic sux IMO (I've been actively fiddling with it only for the past week or so). Makes me curse myself for not having bought an iPod or the Archos Gmini.

Recommendation to potential buyers of Creative Zen Touch - Stay far away.

While I may be considered to be overreacting, I've found the performance of the device, as a whole, much lesser than satisfactory (the main being the not-exactly-responsive touch-sensitive scroll-pad that is a poor, distant imitation of iPod's scroll-wheel. And then, there's these frequent crashes and reformats, not to mention, creative's ultra long 18month+ delay in releasing a firmware upgrade for the Zen Touch... )..

My advice - stay away, far away.

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Krish said...

I have loaded my 20GB Zen with 14GB of songs.

But I never faced any problem. Never had a chance to use the RESET button as well.

Well, I have read many user opinions on the Net cursing iPod sfor issues like there....