Monday, September 26, 2005

Beware - Interesting modus operandi

From reliable sources ... Beware, be cautious ...

This incident happend last weekend to a person i know very closely; sharing this for awareness sake.

He had advertised for selling one item in FreeAds and Deccan Chronicle last sunday and had given his cell number as contact. A guy named sultan, approached him around noon saying he wanted to check out the item, but said he has to wait for some 10mins, as one of his friend was on the way and both wanted to checkout the iteam and decide on the purchase.

Now after few minutes, sultan who was waiting near the gate, got a call through my friend's cell ; the caller ( supposed to be the friend he was waiting for) asked whether sultan was there and wanted to talk to him ;

My friend passed on the cell to Sultan and as he was handing it over, the guy asked for water and some documents related to the the item. My friend without thinking much went inside to get water + document and when he was back in a minute - Mr sultan had vainshed with the cell !!

It seems the police too suspected it must be some experienced gang who lookout for such occasions - they can get both the address and contact of their victim, taking advantage of the sale offer( advertised via newspaper) and posing as interested buyers!


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Soumyadip said...

Cheats, it gets difficult to beat them in their game. Because of a few crooks we tend to view every individual we meet as a suspect.