Friday, August 05, 2005

Update: Time for tying the knots ...

Finally, it's time to explain the long "leave of absence" from my blog. The infrequent updates on mine, the very little comments on others', the general complaint about lack of time, the long lost hours of sleep, ... all have been in good reason.

It's time to spill the beans. Been keeping it away from my blog for a very long time and doing injustice to my readership (whatever is left of it, given that it's quite less as it is!).

As the title suggests, I'm entering wedlock in a few days from now. 11-Aug-2005 to be precise. It has been a wonderful experience the past few months in getting to know the other person and words can't precisely express the feelings and emotions that have been part of the entire experience till now. Come Aug-11 and it'll be a formal seal to bind the relationship.

So looking forward to the wonderful life ahead. Wish me luck !

For those who have been an avid follower of my blog, the numerous jokes on husband-wife relationships will make you wonder what the heck happened to this guy. Well, I had to get ready for the experience one day, rather than simply read/listen to it second hand :) Just kidding :)

Date: 11-Aug-2005 (Thursday)
Muhurtham: 7.53am
Arya Vysya Abhyudaya Sangam,
Sri Juloori Veeresalingam Kalyana Mandapam,
Prenderghast Road, Secunderabad - 500 003,
Andhra Pradesh, India


Krishna said...

Congrats buddy. And wish you all the best! And one notable thing missing was the venue of the marriage. Didn't want us bloggers to attend?

Nirenjan said...

Hey Congrats Sudhir!!! So that's why you were so incommunicado these days :D

visithra said...

Congrats! Finally I get to give a pomp celeb! Hehehhe wait up for my post on it. ;p

Ghost Particle said...

Many more happy returns of the day, 'good luck in all ur future undertakings, have a happy married life,...this are what ppl will say to you soon....what im going t say is....GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY!!!!!


Neeraj Singh said...

Congrats Dear... Wish you all the very best and a very very happy married life.