Sunday, May 22, 2005

US Visa interview experience

Date: 19-May-2005
Scheduled time of entry into consulate: 2.45pm-3pm
Actual arrival time at consulate: 2pm
Actual Interview time: ~4-4.15pm


Me: Good afternoon

Prologue: Me inserted the "company folder" in the slot in the glass door. US Consulate Officer (USCO) picks it up, does some checking, notices the two earlier visas to the US and applies some rubber stamp on them.

USCO: (No ack for the "good anoon", maybe she didn't hear) Which project are you working for ?
USCO: Please speak into the mic on the left.
Me: (Speaking into the mic) XYZ
USCO: What does it do ?
Me: (Very short) blah, blah, blah ...
USCO: How long have you been working for HCL ?
Me: More than 6 years
USCO: Which places are you going to ?
Me: San Jose and (after a very hard attempt at recollection) Massachusetts
USCO: Why two places ?
Me: My team is split across both those places.
USCO: Please take the token to counter 1 and pay the DD.
Me: Thanks

I don't know if I'd prolly write a more detailed version of the entire experience including the time that I waited and saw many people being interviewed. Let's see.

One thing though that did occur to me during the waiting period watching all the old couples trying to get a visa to the US (to visit their daughters/sons) was - "Is US worth it (for those kids) to put such aged people to such hardships and tension ? What will happen in case the visas are rejected ? How much hardship and separation can parents take at old age ?"

Anyway life goes on ...


Krish said...

Congratz :)

Now I don't regret for not able to get u the ipods and Wireless router :))..u can get it urself...

yeah... i saw old couple's visa being rejected for old couples ..

nksenthil said...

Old couples visa by God grace it should be given to them for one reason-----

As they always trumpet their son/daughter's lavavish way of living and earning on. to friends and relatives. Once they visit they know how much small circle the society and how much those are self-dependentant ( no maids at home etc )..
None will just listen to their trumpets and stories ! Feel that how much lonely they are once reaching US.. Finally they would feel India is the better place...