Monday, May 02, 2005

CD-R price Rs.12 per unit ?

While on the search for write-once CD-R media, I chanced upon Philips 50CD pack at a price of Rs.600 (online on FabMall). That's about Rs.12 per unit and shipping is supposedly free (to all major cities within India) at the moment.

Does anyone know of a better deal or has any recommendations for a particular brand ?

Without case:
Philips (50CD) : Rs.600 (Rs.12/unit)
Moser Baer (25CD) : Rs.325 (Rs.13/unit)

With case:
Sony : Rs.25/unit
Imation : Rs.20/unit

Update: I finally ended up buying "Moser Baer Pro" CD-Rs at Rs.9.25 per unit from "Samata Infotech" on Ritchie Steet a couple of days ago.

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