Monday, April 11, 2005

Ocean's Eleven, CBM Mini update

Attended my first CBM meet on 9-Apr-2005 AD. The person responsible for dragging me into this meet, Visithra, has a tale to tell of her absence.

Her absence helped in bringing the number of people who attended the meet to 11 :) We were supposed to climb atop St. Thomas Mount using antics that Ocean's Eleven had used for their heist, luckily we were spared of such heroics and took the usual mundane car and bike route. The cattle enroute provided the only break and excitement in the journey atop the hill, not to mention non-stop chatter from the passengers ;-)

The theme of the meeting, apart from the confused United Express pilot doing a hundred sorties (touchdown, takeoff, circle, touchdown, takeoff, ... - ok you get the picture now) on the Meenambakkam runway, seemed to be the incessant chanting by Sandhya that she had to get home early for her evening snax (looks like she missed the bajjis so desperately) :)

As for the actual proceedings (the way it happened), photos, and stories, I'll leave it to the rest :)

MoM @ Nirenjan, Sandhya , Praveen, Ravi.

Sandhya and Praveen have the entire list of attendees' blogs.


Krish said...

mmm...looks like u had fun :)

sophie said...

sudhir me first time here...
me didnt do anyhting on the meet...oh my dial up bugs...
i have a short scrible story in mine check out when u r free