Friday, April 29, 2005

First time, a couple of days ago ...

It happened to me. First time. A couple of days ago.

I was travelling by my car and had stopped by the side of the road to clip on the handsfree to the mobile, to make a call. There's this young chap walking by. He stops besides my car and starts to inspect it a bit from the outside and picks up one of the tinted, rolled-up glass for a mirror. And then, for a minute or two, he considers the tinted window glass to be his bedroom wardrobe mirror and proceeds to groom himself by combing his hair, adjusting his tucked-in shirt, etc !! All the while, my engine was switched on and purring softly !!

I couldn't help but smile :)

Reminded me of the comedy scene from recently watched "Chandramukhi" (cast: "Superstar" Rajni), where Vadivelu (the comedian) gets plastered on his face with a cake or some kind of cream, by the car driver, for doing something very similar ! :)

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