Saturday, April 23, 2005

Chandramukhi review

Movie schedule: Sathyam cineplex. Tuesday, 19-Apr-2005, supposedly 10pm show.

Simple version:
Songs : SUCK
Story : Enjoyably watchable once, with the brain switched off to question the logic.

Slightly long story:
After starting very late, at about 9.30pm, for the show at 10pm, we reached the road in front of the complex at around 9.50pm (thanks to some smart route selection by my friends, else we'd have been delayed much more). The distance of hardly 100 meters to the theater gates took more than 15mins. Damn the traffic jams !!

And once we got in, it was another long wait for a parking slot. We managed to convince one of the theater parking lot guys to give us an easy spot in a not-so-usual location and got out of the car at 10.15pm. He had informed us that the show was being delayed. We moved to the main gate and were informed that the show was only going to start at 10.45pm. After loitering around for some time, we finally got in at 10.30pm. And the show actually started at 10.45pm. Ads till then !!

One thing that I liked at the screening was that towards the end of the ads (both at the start and after the break), there were slides giving out information on the fire exit locations. This is indeed a nice thing to see. Sathyam cineplex really sets the standards on the experience front nowadays.

Sat thru' the horrible songs to watch the movie (I know that Rajni fans'll kill me for this) :)

Got out of the theater at around 1.45/2pm, can't remember which exactly.

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Krish said...

how date u say..songs are not good :))