Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tamil Nadu govt promotes Linux in schools ?

11th Grade / 11th Standard / +1 computer science syllabus is being revised to include more stuff on Linux (for the first time ever). This'll hopefully give a chance to all those clueless people who get even out of colleges without knowing what unix is or how a unix command line is !! Now, don't get started on how linux is different from unix and all that :)

The following came on a egroup that I'm part of.

Dear All
The Revised syllabus for Computer Science for Higher Secondary First Year consist of the following
1) Introduction to Linux
2) File Handling
3) Linux Commands
4) Vi editor
5) Shell Scripts
Theory : 10 Classes Practical : 20 Classes

But , the syllabus also includes Windows and its applications for 10 Theory classes and 15 Practical Classes. I am not sure what type of commands and scripting will be introduce. More over, it is not continuing in +2 Syllabus. [ where C++ is introduced ]

Hope in the coming years it will be converted towards GNU / Linux and Open Source / Free Softwares.

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