Monday, March 28, 2005

Painless ear piercing ..

Came across this "interesting" piece of info on ear piercing. Now, don't ask me how an observer can be very certain (1oo%) on whether someone is experiencing pain or not ! :)

Any place where they do painless ear piercing for a 1 year old kid ? Heard that there is a new method that is painless.

Lalitha Jewellery in T.Nagar and I guess most of the gold shops in chennai these days have a gunshot method for piercing ears for kids

You just have to hold your kid and using a gunshot they pierce the ear and also at the same time along with the gunshot the front and back part of the earring gets inserted.So is pretty much painless and hassle-free.

It is a non -gold earring , but sterilized and sealed ones (Gold plated). After 15 days you can remove these and put any gold earring of your choice , or leave these studs for 3 months.

The staff in Lalitha were well trained for this job.


visithra said...

Is this just arriving in India? You mean the poor kids have been tortured all this while with a needle? I had mine gunshot when I was a kid.

By the way how do you know this? :p

Sandhya said...

Hey, thanks a ton for that info. I was searching for some 'thattaan'(that is what you call people who make small gold jewellery) for piercing Laddu's ears. I will contact Lalitha jewellery now.
BTW Visithra, earlier (even now in most places) they used hot thin gold needles to pierce ear/nose. I got my nose and ears pierced this way only. I would have got my ears pierced maybe 11 or 12 times, I do not remember.

Sandhya said...
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Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Visithra :
I don't know when it arrived in India :) As for how I got to know, I'm trying to get my ears piecered in order to hang a few cycle tyres on them. That's how :) Kidding apart, it came up on a discussion list and that's how I got to know.

Sandhya: 11 or 12 times ?!! Looks like you enjoy it ! :)


visithra said...

Sandhya : I know about the hot wire/ needle one - 11/ 12 timess the same hole or various others

I had friends with 15 pierces in that one pavam set of ears

Sudhir : hang tyres? Would look good on u :p