Wednesday, March 09, 2005

International Men's day ...

Well, y'day (8-Mar) was International Women's Day. A bunch of colleagues and I were travelling in a car, for a lunch eatout, with the local FM radio station "Radio Mirchi" on. The radio jockeys were bantering about IWD.

Me: Ok, if there's so much hoopla about IWD, what about International Men's Day ?!
Comment from the rear seat: Well, only 8-Mar is International Women's Day. All the rest of the days are International Mens' Day!!
Me: Wow, haveta blog that one :)

And, here I am :)

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nksenthil said...

yes.. indeed. Every year women's some politicans or women's org talks about 33% reservation and forgets it for the rest of year..