Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Any tips for an ice breaker ?

Here's the situation:

A friend of mine and I were discussing about the possibilities that one has, in order to start talking to a person of the opposite gender, given all the "Indian circumstances" surrounding any normal situation. Both the folks don't know each other personally, haven't ever had a chance to talk, don't work together in a team, nor in the same division, though they do happen to see each other usually during coffee times at a cafeteria nearby.

Now, what are really practical ways of starting a conversation with that person, given that she probably has come over for a cup of coffee with some of her colleagues ? :)

No, don't give me fancy non-implementable ideas, nor standard pick-up lines - although you could try and be creative just for the heck of it :)

As for the intention behind all this, my friend is just trying to make "friends" for a start ;-) And, no this is really not about/for me :)

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Sandhya said...

Hmmmmmm!! If the intentions are not evil then why the hesitation. Look straight in the eye (not elsewhere!!!!) and a "Hello" should do ofcourse with a "Close Up Smile". Next time when you happen to cross, the girl will be the first to say "Hello". And all this is straightforward and innocent:)) No hidden intentions;)