Saturday, February 12, 2005

Travel: Loads of photos from my Karnataka Trip

Not exactly loads, still a few more than my recent posts. For a quick browse of my travel photos (via Flickr), visit

I wish Yahoo Photos were as easier and provided as many options as flickr does.

As usual, my memory fails me to remind me of most of the places. If you know of some of these, do let me know :)

BTW, click on the images to get to a bigger resolution image.

Now, that's a set of canons that I could use :)


In front of Gol Gumbaz (supposedly one of or probably the largest dome structure in the world)


Now, where is that ?!


That's a canon I'd love to have. Wondering where I saw that !!


At Mysore Palace


Does the following place have anything to do with Tipu Sultan ?


I must stop trying to provide any sort of commentary for these photos !!


Anyone game to try and help me improve my memory ?! :)

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