Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Thanks to TN CM I discovered

"Medhu Pakoda" today !

As I stepped out of my aptmt block for a very late breakfast at the nearby hotel, I was surprised to see the crowds on the street - 100s of people clad in white and white dhotis and shirts and the heavy police machinery in force. It looked as if it was chaos everywhere except that it was the "general party meeting" (or something to that effect) of the ruling party - AIADMK - in the grounds opposite my apartment complex. To top it, their supremo and the present CM, was attending the gathering and hence the huge crowds and heavy police force.

My usual sweet little hotel was swamped with party workers (in whiite and white) and police folks, not to mention the occasional common man like me. Orders were taken after nearly 10mins of waiting - usual time is around 2-3 mins. And, I discovered that my favorite "Ven Pongal" was long gone for the day. "Light" items like idli, medhu vadai, etc were also gone. I wasn't in the mood for chapathi/poori at that point of time and decided to try the only item in the glass display - for the first time in my life. I though it was the usual "bonda" and ordered it. Luckily I found it to my liking.

I found out later in the evening that it wasn't "bonda" but "medhu pakoda" ! What a name :)

And, that adds one more item to my eatable list - not that it's too short now :)

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