Monday, February 28, 2005

Seeking suggestions for alternate work / work from home ..

Well, it's not for me (not right now at least). The following came in a list that I'm part of. In case anyone has suggestions, please do let me know (either thru' comments here or via email).

An acquaintance of mine who is aged around 45 was working for a reputed concern. Due to ramp down plan in their existing employee strength, she was forced to join one of the company’s sister concern. The problem now is that her pay is not rewarding as it used to be. She wants to do some work from home.

Can you think of some work like outsourcing which can be done by her from home, which will give her financial independence? Her background is in secretarial and accountancy. Even if it is not related to IT she is willing to undertake the job.

Pls suggest.

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