Friday, February 25, 2005

Free Ubuntu CDs require clearance from Indian Customs department ...

Sometime ago, an article on Ubuntu (new linux distribution) came up in the Mysore daily Deccan Herald. Enthused by the article, a reader Satish requested the shipment of the free CDs from Ubuntu. On the CDs reaching the shores of India, the Indian Customs department has contacted Satish with a notice as given below.

Any idea on what is the actual procedure involved and how to get out of the situation and how to make sure that this doesn't occur again ?

FWIW, I know that several folks in India (including yours truly) have received the shipment of Ubuntu CDs and it comes as a surprise that the Customs department woke up now. And this does once again give everyone a scare on legal formalities.

The email below is from the writer (or probably editor) of the article when he was contacted by Satish Link.

Hello friends,

Thanks to Fred's posting regarding Ubuntu Linux I spread the news about the free CD offer amongst readers of 'Deccan Herald.' One of the readers appears to be in a 'spot,' his email is reprouced below, and I request suggestions to help him out.. Please respond soon.

Thanks in advance!

Soundara Rajan
Mysore, India

Dear Soundara Rajan,

This is regarding to the Ubuntu CDs.

We have recieved call memo from the deputy commissioner of customs, postal appraising department. It states:

"The parcel mentioned above and addressed to you arrived for the release of which, you are required to furnish the following documents / information within 10 / 15 days, failing which, action will be initiated as per the provisions of the customs act, 1962, international postal regulations such as (a) Assessment based on the available data, (b) Confiscation of the goods to the government of india, (c) Return the goods to the sender, as deemed fit, without any further intimation:

1. Importer Code Number
2. Invoice, Purchase Order, Order Confirmation, Technical write-up.

The redemption fine and personal penalty wherever imposed, will be addition to the import duty leviable and should be seperately remitted in the state bank of india, bangalore branch, st.marks road, bangalore."

Are you aware of any such requirements. Has anyone else received the CDs in bangalore. Kindly advice if you know the procedure to release the CDs as we do not have any invoice, purchase order, etc.


N.S. Soundara Rajan, Mysore, India


Krish said...

oooooooooooooo.. :) let me know what u u gonna to do?

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Me not gonna do anything till Customs hunts me down :)


Krishna said...

I recieved the said package at bangalore two days back without any customs issues.