Thursday, February 10, 2005

Credit Card pin verification ...

Neat move being enforced. A short while from now onwards, it appears that all 'Visa' credit card holders will mandatorily get and have to use username and passwords for online transactions. Hopefully this will reduce online credit card misuse/fraud.

Dear Member,

Please accept grateful thanks from for your continued patronage and support for our services. As you know we have been continuously upgrading our services and making them more user friendly and secure, as a continuous on going effort. We now wish to familiarize you with the latest facility to ensure the security of your Visa Credit Cards.

The new programme is 'Verified by Visa' and covers the Visa Credit Cards issued by all the banks across the world. This facility is being just introduced in India and IRCTC is proud to be the only website in India to have this facility introduced.

The banks participating in 'Verified by Visa' Programme would be issuing secure passwords and / or user Ids to all their credit card holders. The card holder while transacting on our site would be required to give input of these additional passwords / user Ids by which it will be fully ensured that a particular credit card is being transacted on the site only by the person in whose name the card has been issued.

This facility is being introduced in our website on the ICICI Payment Gateway within the next couple of weeks and is expected to benefit a majority of credit card users on our website.

Booking Process :-

1) On selecting the ICICI PG option you will enter the normal particulars of the card such as Card No., type, Validity and the CVV 2 value.

2) You will be taken to a secured page of VISA where you will be asked to enter the VbV user id and password issued by your credit card issuing bank (please get in touch with the bank which has issued your Visa Credit Card for the user id and password).

3) Once the details are entered, your card will be authenticated and the necessary amount processed for crediting to IRCTC and your tickets subsequently booked.

Initially, for a transaction period the option to purchase your tickets with and without the VbV facility will be available to you for a short while. After the initial period VbV compliance process would be mandatory for all Visa Card holders.

This new facility is going to be of immense benefit to you as a customer and also to IRCTC since it will be ensuring that no unauthorized person would be able to use a Visa Card on our site.

For further details on this scheme please visit this Page.

Thanking you and offering our best efforts in your services AS always.

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Pit said...

Yup. I’d like to appreciate their new secured credit card system too. It’s impossible now to be unsecured in face of internet scams. So they should just upgrade their system day after day to protect us, clients…