Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Broadband: BSNL DataOne quick test

I got a chance to test out BSNL's DataOne broadband in a recent property fair in Chennai.

Talk about technology penetration, what does broadband have to do in a property show ?! One could argue that it was a household amenity :)

A couple of quick download tests showed me that sustained average download speeds were about 19kB/s on a supposed 256kbps connection.

On my 64kbps airtel DSL connection, I get about 13kB/s usually (that's more than expected).

I didn't, however, try my usual speed tests.

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Nirenjan said...

I get an average of 30-35 kB/s. At times it jumps up to 40+ kB/s. Maybe there was some problem with the link when you tested it.