Saturday, February 12, 2005

Broadband: BSNL broadband saga ...

I've now received two calls from BSNL office regarding my broadband application. Both times, they wanted me to collect the application form from one of their nearby offices and hand it over to another exchange nearby. I told them that I didn't have time to do it and will probably get to it some time in the future.

I was actually still contemplating about their service given that I already have a connection from Airtel and BSNL's scheme are all traffic limited (1GB per month @ 256kbps) which IMO is the BACKWARD way to use a "broadband" connection.

I was pleasantly surprised when today (or was it y'day ?!, can't remember) someone rang the bell and handed me over the application for the BSNL service stating that I had to submit a copy at their two offices (mentioned above).

Talk about improvement of customer service ! Really like it.

If only they had an unlimited transfer scheme ... (I do understand that it's indeed the case till Jun-05).

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