Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ubuntu, the "new" Linux ...

A few weeks ago, after hearing good reviews from a few forums, I had applied for a shipment of Ubuntu Linux and then totally forgot about it (as usual). I was presently surprised when the package of 10CDs reached me. Promptly, as the Linux philosophy had taught me ;-), I sent out a mail to my office folks stating that I had these free CDs to give away. And Krish chipped in with a donation from what he had received too.

For quite some time [say more than an hour or so! :)], there weren't many replies asking for the CDs and I was beginning to wonder if people had indeed lost interest in Linux, but then the crowd "came in" and I was swamped with requests for more CDs than I could donate. I've pointed all of them to ILUGC's (India Linux User Group, Chennai) "CDs for Grab", but then hope to cut a few CDs on my own and pass it on too, all in good spirit.

Here's a nice article on Ubuntu.

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