Friday, January 28, 2005

That's the kind of broadband that I'd like to have ...

8Mbit Broadband to Become Available in the UK

UK Online is offering 8Mbit broadband service to the UK. The upstream is 400K, and there's a monthly download cap of 500GB, but at 40 pounds per month, plus 50 installation and a free wireless router in the package, that has to be among the best deals on offer from anyone.

At about Rs.3200 (by Indian standards), that's indeed a bit costly. However for the kind of package, it's a steal given that I currently pay Rs.800 for a punitive 64kbps download stream that *isn't* open 24x7 ! I'd give an arm and a leg for such a steal :)

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CM said...

Wow! 8Mbps!! Unbelievable!!
IF you live in an apartment, the best thing to do is to rope in a few people to share the connection.