Monday, January 31, 2005

Tennis Tennis ...

After watching quite some tennis on TV for the past few years, I've always dreamt of being the next Pete Sampras. Ok now, that's a very big stretch :)

I'd tried my hand at tennis y'day. My colleagues-cum-classmates have been playing for a few days and have been asking me to give it a shot for some time now. So, finally on Saturday nite I managed to "borrow" a teammate's racquet, when he wasn't around ;-) Sunday morning saw me wake up at 5.30am to try and give tennis a shot.

We finally turned up at Villivakkam (Padi) court at around 6.40am and spent about the next hour in me trying to get the hang of the game and the racquet, when our court was almost unceremoniously invaded by a big bunch of kids who wanted to get their regular practice ! With hardly an hour of first-time-practice, that'll probably be the shortest span of time anyone took to get into the international arena :)

The Villivakkam ground has about 5-6 courts and all of them are packed in the morning with kids getting their practice. It was nice to see kids who were hardly the size of the racquet trying to learn the game. A few years ago, tennis was a very costly game. Now, kids can get coaching from as little as Rs.500 per month (at Villivakkam grounds) to Rs.1500 per month (at Nungambakkam courts). The Rs.500 one sounds cheaper and more interesting.

I'm thinking that badminton might be a better choice for me given that I've played it a lot in the past and courts aren't so far away from my house (if I can find any that aren't so crowded). The tennis court was about 8-10kms away.

Am now ruing the lack of the digital camera once more. I cud have got a few nice shots. Maybe I'll end up purchasing it during this vacation.

List of things to purchase - sort of a dream wish list :)

Digital Camera
Camera Phone
Super duper desktop computer
Ultra Kewl Laptop (definitely not going to happen)
Home theatre system (or at least a decent DVD player to begin with)

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