Monday, January 17, 2005

Telecom: Another illegal exchange busted in Chennai

The Vigilance and Telecom Monitoring Cell of DoT and the Chennai Police cracked down one illegal telephone exchange in operating in Aminjikarai area of Chennai. This crackdown follows within days after busting an exchange in T. Nagar area of the city. This illegal set up consisted of sophisticated telecom equipments like voice finders, ADSL routers, 8 telephone lines provided by M/s RIL, while five 512 Kbps internet bandwidth on DSL connection from M/s Bharti and another 512 Kbps and one 256 Kbps internet bandwidth on DSL connections from M/s VSNL.


This crackdown was as a result of the information received on the Toll Free No. 1600 110 420.

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