Sunday, January 16, 2005

Swades (Hindi movie) ...

I happened to watch it today and was quite impressed. I've already loved the music (it was playing almost non-stop for a long time in my recent M'lore<->Chennai trip).

The movie's story line is probably the routine run-of-the-mill story, inspite of any other way others want to portray it. But, I loved the way in which it was delivered. I'm not the best at writing movie reviews - so, I'll leave the honors to Google to help you.

One thing that has struck me in Ashutosh Gowariker's (the movie director) movies (earlier was "Lagaan" and now "Swades" and hence I may be generalizing too much out of just two movies, albeit "Pehla Nasha", "Izzat Ki Roti" and "Baazi" were also his!) is that he has at least one devotional song and brings a fresh new lead female face :)

I liked Gracy Singh from the earlier "Lagaan" and "Gayatri Joshi" in this one. Albeit Gayatri is a bit overdressed for most of the occasions (she always appears to have a "makeup" readied face) in the movie and her face reminds me very much of some other person at my livelihood place ;-)


nksenthil said...

Who is that person at your livelihood placewho reminds you very much of Swades's Gayatri!!!:-)

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Such things are not to be mentioned aloud ;-) Watch the movie and figure out for yourself who you think it reminds you of, give that your livelihood place is the same as mine :)


Krish said...

Swadesh..good movie..hmmm.. i beg to differ...

Probably it is good documentary with good songs.. :)

Who's the "Gayatri Joshi" of ODC3 ....i don't know...too bad..

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...


Either you aren't looking properly or maybe I'm genuinely mistaken in me thinking of a resemblence. I'd still like to stick to my stand ;-)