Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Reliance broadband in Chennai ...

Reliance Infocomm's broadband saga is all set to hit Chennai. However, their much touted "always on", "unlimited" connections do come with a "catch" (as usual). In their much criticized style of "trap-first-squeeze-later" mode, Reliance is considering a 10GB cap on home connections in the "awlays-on/unlimited" category ! Watch out and beware. BTW, if anyone has inputs on Reliance Broadband, please do share it with me over email (contact info on left side) or leave your comments here.

Here's an email response (posted in another forum) to a query on Reliance's broadband service.

Dear Mr. XYZ,

Thank you for showing interest in Reliance Broadband services. With reference to your query regarding availability of Broadband services in Chennai, we would like to inform you that we are offering the same in the areas having the following pincodes:


Further to address your query, we request you to provide us the following information:
1. Your correspondence address.
2. Your contact number.
3. Complete address of the place where the connection is required along with the pin code.
4. Usage purpose (e.g.: - Residential/Corporate).

Further to your query regarding the data download limit, we would like to inform you that Reliance Broadband service is delivered over dedicated "always on" connectivity. There is no limit on the amount of data transfer for customers of this service.

However, for the larger interests of the Internet user community a cap of 10 GB is considered. This would deter people who could use a residential / small Office connection for further reselling, thereby resulting in a substantive better overall experience. Looking forward to serve you.

For any other information, please contact us by dialling *377 from a Reliance Line or at 30337777 from any other phone. You can also write to us at broadband@relianceinfo.com or fax us at 30337878.

Best Regards.
Yours sincerely,
Reliance Broadband Customer Care


Krish said...

I believe it is better than other broadband stuff available from other providers....

CM said...

I guess I saw your blog 2 weeks late. I got a Hathway connection (Unlimited 128kbps). I have no complaints but it looks like Reliance is giving a good deal. 10GB is good enough IMHO.
Would appreciate if you do a speed test as shown here

Do share your results and let me know of it in my blog.

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Tested on 7-Dec-2005, 10.15pm IST.

Two test runs

1. 99.76 Kbps (12.47 KBps)
2. 106.24 Kbps (13.28 KBps)

Note that I'm using Airtel "Broadband" connection and I think I bought the 64kbps package, though recent talks with some of folks indicate that I could be using the 128kbps plan. Whatever, I could care less anyway with these dumb speeds ! :)