Monday, January 10, 2005

HCL Tech’s crystal ball - Predicting the future ...

Predicting the future is a dicey endeavour at best. Here is a company that's using its ERP system to improve its forecasting, says Abhinav Singh

The company’s Tally and Oracle-based in-house systems were unable to cope with its business volumes and islands of information had been created containing data from different sources spread across the globe.


Deploying an ERP system has helped HCL Technologies stay fast, flexible and well informed, aiding its managers in making quick, informed decisions while keeping tight control over all aspects of operations from projects to finance and encompassing human resources. SAP R/3 has helped the company standardise and integrate all its processes across all locations the world over. Information for strategic planning is now available on a real-time basis. Data regarding areas such as monitoring resource utilisation and profitability of projects is available on time.


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Courtesy: Express Computer Online.

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