Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Google Releases Improved Photo Management Software - Picasa 2

Google Releases Improved Photo Management Software to Organize and Share Pictures

Picasa 2 (available at http://www.picasa.com) Offers Editing Tools, Advanced Effects, Better Organization and CD Burning for Digital Photo Users - For Free


New and improved features of Picasa include:

* Advanced editing tools - Fix pictures with more powerful tools, 12 photographic filter effects, color and lighting adjustments, red-eye removal, photo cropping and straightening.

* Improved organization - Add captions, quickly and easily search across all photos on a computer, attach labels and stars for better photo organization, reorder pictures and clean up cluttered folders.

* Backup capabilities - Archive photos from a computer to a CD or DVD, save photos on an external drive, and create gift CDs with personalized slideshows.

* Customized prints - Print at home with standard sizes, or order photo prints by uploading pictures to Ofoto, Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Walmart.com.

* Enhanced sharing features - Email photos via Gmail (and other email clients), upload photos to a Blogger blog, and send and discuss photos in real-time via Hello™, Picasa's free peer-to-peer software, available at http://www.hello.com.

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