Thursday, January 06, 2005

For those who wonder how I read blogs ...

I don't have the habit of visiting the blogger's site unless I have a comment to pass on. I usually use RSS/ATOM feeds to pull the posts to my desktop (much like POP for email). This makes life very easy for me and saves me a lot of time. Here are some snapshots while using such software.

FeedDemon (commercial, $30)


Thunderbird (free, $0)


In case you need more info on how to use Thunderbird to read Blogs, read my earlier post.

For more information on what RSS/ATOM is or how they work, read my writeup. This writeup contains inputs on various other free RSS/ATOM readers. One free online service that isn't mentioned there, but that deserves to get added is BlogLines. It's an online aggregator and functions (at the outset) just like a desktop reader.

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