Tuesday, January 04, 2005

BSNL Broadband Rs.500 per month

Update : Chennai BSNL has an online form for broadband registration.

256kbps - Rs.500 ($11) per month.

At least that's what some articles are quoting the price as. When I called up BSNL call center today morning, they gave the standard reply - "Please fill up the registration form and submit it in the office, tariff hasn't yet been decided, will be decided by Jan-15, FCFS basis installation" !

WTH ?! Do these guys have a clue on why there are so many different stories going around ?!

Surprisingly Kolkotta BSNL is far ahead of Chennai BSNL. They have an online registration form that I can fill up and submit via the net while the dumb Chennai folks just have some stuff that I need to print out, fill up and walk to their silly offices to hand over ! God, I hate this !! Shux !!

And, this whole "broadband" thing (with 256kbps instead of the global 512kbps being the entry point) with exorbitant prices and lack of availability is really making my blood boil ! X-(

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