Saturday, January 08, 2005

BSNL announces broadband tarrif ...

Tarrif plan exactly located at

That's the page that's having problems. Other folks who have seen it have told me that its Rs.500 (at 256kbps) for 1G transfer (I'm wondering if it'll be enough !).

The page is presently not working ! :) Keep checking.

More updates from elsewhere :

After careful study of the recently announced rate plans for BSNL's DataOne,
I doubt if anyone can dispute that they use a very scientific fundaa of
pulling a number out of a hat.. or they might have used an incremental
random number generator...

The rates make no sense at all..

10GB of transfer for a home user is more expensive than 10GB of transfer for
a corporate user.

For the basic home user .. the first 500MB come at Rs0.50/mb and additional
usage is at Rs.2.00/MB.

For the basic business user .. the first 1GB comes at Rs0.30/mb but all
additional usage costs Rs2.00/MB or a whopping 600% more.

All the other plans follow a similiar pricing scheme and are just as

And NO static IP address.

The only "positive" thing seems to be that the extra usage charges are waived
until June ... so an early adopter gets to leech for the first 5 months and
suffer after that.

On the technical front ... they are going with ADSL 2+ ... which is a good
thing if they can come up with a more logical price plan or do away with
transfer based accounting altogether. They also completely forget to mention
what the uplink speeds are.


CM said...

Atleast, the first move in the price war seems to have taken place.
For a Hathway unlimited 128Kbps connnection, I pay Rs.1000/month. For the same price , I get a 384Kbps (48 KBps) line with a 2GB cap. Not bad IMO.

Here is what I foresee happening: Fearing a exodus from their services, other ISPs might either increase the throughput or download cap or bring the prices down.

But like you said , there still seems to be a fetish for transfer based system with all the ISPs.

CM said...

I hope you don't mind if I link to your BSNL blog from mine?!

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

No problemo ! Link away !!


Krish said...

Oh my god....

What r they's hopeless...only fools 'll get this one... the private players r far better ( airtel)