Thursday, January 20, 2005

Broadband: A query on Airtel "Broadband" plans

Airtel Broadban Tariff Plan.

I'm presently on the 64kbps package @ 550 rental, 49 top up (night 10pm-8am "free"), 99 modem charges package (total Rs.698). This comes with a compulsory "free" 100 pulses of telephone calls.

Now, I do want to get onto the 64kbps 24hr plan and that seems to be available @ 600 (DSL) + 99 (modem). However, it appears that I *must* also buy a "telephone" package at a miminum of Rs.250 (or so), i.e, I can't get *internet only*, it is always clubbed with a voice plan.

Note that nothing in their Tariff Plan states this !! Akin to cheating customers !!

The thing is I have a regular BSNL connection and due to heavy usage of STD, I'd rather not let that go due to the "cheap" prices of STD with BSNL.

So, is this the tariff issue the case with everyone ? Can someone throw some light ?


Nirenjan said...

I've just got BSNL broadband. Although they do not give unlimited usage plans, I believe in their service - no hidden costs & fully transparent processes. And just how much of that unlimited usage will you actually use anyway?

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

How does the following sound for internet usage ?

Streaming audio/video
ISO files download (for linux distros)
Automatic security updates for M$ (God help)
Automatic updates of most major software
Heavy email usage
Online Gaming
(sharing between multiple members of their house for their own computers)

and other things that I haven't yet dreamed of!

And, I really think all these are actual applications. Not fancy stuff.