Friday, December 10, 2004

Wipro launches match-making portal

Wipro Technologies is trying to shoot like the great Cupid these days for its unmarried employees whose long, cast-iron work schedules just don't allow for men to be separated from boys.

In a novel move, Bangalore-based IT bellwether Wipro Technologies is running a intra-company match-making portal for its employees in the hope that attrition rates may come down.

Choose your spouse and get back to work is now the order of the day. The "facility", however, is applicable only for the in-house geeks and not employees of Wipro's other group companies.

Says Sarika Pradhan, manager for Talent Engagement and Development, Wipro Technologies: "When we look at attrition in the industry, one of the major factors why employees leave companies is invariably because of marriage. By offering a match-making service internally on our Channel W employee portal, we expect to combat this issue as the chances of employees finding spouses internally is quite high."


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