Monday, December 27, 2004

Update on the tsunami tragedy in India ...

For the concerned, thanks - I'm fine. The building I'm staying in did experience tremors and I was half asleep at that time wondering why my bed was swaying for a "long" time or whether it was part of my dreams.

For those who want news updates from the Indian front, visit


For an account on how this tragedy could have been avoided in case we had an effective disaster management system, read this. US officials were desperately trying to warn authorities of regions to be affected about the impending calamity, with little or no success.

Unfortunately the Indian government or at least some folks in a few machineries seem to think that such systems are "administratively difficult" to build (more than the thousands of lives that have perished).

Pant says the setting up of a tsunami warning system in India would be "administratively difficult" since it is a rare phenomenon scattered over open seas.

And, finally, take a moment to pray for the souls of those who have perished.

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