Saturday, December 04, 2004

Update : Kiruba has become the talk of the town ...

much more than anyone expected. He is one of the (or probably the) most read blogger in Chennai. His recent blog about watching a "porn" movie of a famous tamil movie star has evoked a huge mixed response from his readers.

The movie was supposedly a peeping tom variety taken via a two way mirror in some hotel the star could have been using. The blog entry ended with snide remark that has drawn even more flak than anything else (210 comments and still growing).

(Thanks to There's no blog for pointing out a folly I'd comitted here - have removed the actual remark and inserted "snide remark" in it's place).

There are things that I'll write on a blog and things that I won't. I don't think an entry like that is something I'd put up on my blog. And, it's not just a question of transparency, openness, self righteousness, etc - it's much more than that. At least one is about the space that I'd want (or not want) to tread on another person's life (in public) and the other is the sensitivity to my readers expectations.

Does it mean that
I'm not doing injustice by not being me ?
I'm living my life on expectations set by others ?
I can't express whatever I want to ?
I can't have a laugh ?

As spiderman said in his first movie, "With great power comes great responsibility" ...


Update : My comments on his page reproduced here !

As spiderman said, "With great power comes great responsibility". We must always remember that.

Appreciate the way Kribs has handled this.

Disapprove of the original post for various reasons. Some of them are listed here.

As for the legality, read some comments here.

Specifically the Indian IT Act states this :

"Whoever publishes or transmits or causes to be published in the electronic form, ..."

Now, could Kribs be held responsible as a person who was responsible for getting it published ?

What if police dept simply wanted to start the crackdown on porn and chose to start from Kribs ? How will he be able to shield himself ? Does he really believe that deleting a file from the machine actually deletes it ? What happens to the person who sent it to him (if the police got there) ? Who all will be ensnared in this spiral if the crime department wants to flex muscles (rather brain) ?



visithra said...

------ There are things that I'll write on a blog and things that I won't. I don't think an entry like that is something I'd put up on my blog.
Humm but what makes your post different from Kiruba's when you have posted the very last comment in full instead of just referring it as the last line in Kiruba's post. So in proving that you will not post such a post you have instead contradictated your own words by posting it on your blog.

Ps: there's no blog just your posting tempted a comment.

visithra said...

When something or someone is famous - we are often judgmental about it. We fail to realise that coz of their popularity everything is magnified but if we sat back and gave dire consideration - we'd realise there's not much difference. So you weren't being hypocritical - just not putting yourself in his shoes. Glad you understood what I meant - now at least there isn't contradicting facts to your statement on the issue. :)