Sunday, December 26, 2004

On the equality of daughters and sons - Kotak Mahindra Ad ...

The other day, 23-Dec-2004 to be precise, I was driving my car down to the service station when I heard an ad on "Radio Mirchi", the local FM station.

It was an ad from Kotak Mahindra (finance), I think. The ad featured a male voice talking about monetary pressures for the need to marry off the daughter and send the son abroad for higher education.

It made me wonder why ads have to talk about girls having to get married and guys having to study further - why can't it be the other way around ?!, and I do understand that there's nothing fully wrong even with the statement made in the ad to the extent that it's indeed a very possible situation.

Something in the tone of the ad (and the method it was conveying) just didn't sound right to me !

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