Sunday, December 19, 2004

Now click photos in plane (in India) ...

So screams the headlines and notes in an article here. I'm infact surprised that we had such a "dumb" rule in the first place ! It's good to see that common sense is prevailing and they are indeed removing archaic laws.

Snippet of the article.

Passengers have been allowed to take photographs from inside an air-borne aircraft as part of a government initiative.

As part of the government's initiative to do away with archaic and irrelevant regulations, passengers have been allowed to take photographs from inside an air-borne aircraft.

"The regulations, for some strange reason, have been preventing individuals from taking photographs inside the airport complex, on the apron area and inside the aircraft," an official said.

"We have already permitted photography inside the terminal buildings. After detailed discussions with the defence ministry, we have now agreed to allow bonafide passengers travelling in a scheduled airline to take photographs from inside the aircraft while in flight and while landing, take-off and on ground at civil aerodromes," the official said.

"There is no stretch in this country that has not been mapped aerially and is not available on the Net. So, why should we stop individuals from photographing the area under the garb of security concerns?" the official said.


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