Thursday, December 16, 2004

Need recommendations for a good camera mobile phone ...

I've been thinking about getting a camera mobile phone to qwell my photographer's instinct :)

I've read and heard a few good recommendations for Nokia 6600. Anyone have a difference of opinion or more inputs on the same ?


Venkat said...

Ok Sudhir,
I will bite.
Have you checkedout the Treo 660(Don't know if it's available in India but that's the one that's the fad/craze here in the U.S.).
I am hoping i will be able to buy one sometime next year(Dang, we should have a Pongal Fairy or something like Santa)
Don't know what your requirements are.
But mine are as follows.
Convergence, Convergence, Convergence.
It should be able to do a pretty decent job at photos, very good job at being a phone, good at playing all my audio(MP3's,WMA,OGG etc.), a very good job at being a PDA and of course it should have a very large open source following, it should not be one based on Windows(CE i mean) and have the possibility of carrying around 4 GIGs of data(with SD cards supporting upto 4 gigs that's way cool) and of cource sync. up with my computer(Display DOC's, PPT's, PDF's and also be able to have VGA output so that i can do a presentation from it if need be)
So my vote goes to the TREO 660(If it's available, hopefully that's not the catch).
-Venkat(Yeah that nutcase that used to be your lecturer once and the one you worked with at Alcatel :)

That Mash Guy said...

Try the nokia 6230, Sony K700 or Samsung D300....

shub said...

DON'T!!! :p