Friday, December 17, 2004

India gets its fixed wireless groove on

Looks like things are beginning to get interesting in the Indian broadband market. When I last checked up stuff, external deployment of wireless was not allowed (as in I could become a wireless ISP), now this seems a bit contrary. Or maybe I need to wake up in the morning and understand it better ! :)

WebSky has finalized plans to start a fixed wireless business in India in partnership with World Wide Wireless (India), a New Delhi based company that will launch high speed non-line of sight telecom services in the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay) and Ludhiana (Punjab.) Under the terms of the agreement, a Joint Venture to be known as WebSky (India). WebSky India projects, based on modest market penetration assumptions along with continuing robust growth of the internet in India, that annual revenues for the three initial locations in the third year of operations will exceed $45 million. Thats about 2025 million rupees. If the company follows the current average broadband price of about 1000 rupees per month the company is looking at about 170,000 users at the end of first three years - and that is actually achieveable.

Courtesy : Om Malik

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