Thursday, December 02, 2004

Google Desktop Search Add-ons

Two free add-on utilities add functionality to Google Desktop.

gdSuite (for IE only) allows searching by date (very difficult to accomplish in Google Desktop), file type, folder name, e-mail sender or recipient, etc..

GDSPlus expands the number of file types searchable by Google Desktop. Users can specify which extensions to include and exclude.

Read complete story from here.

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Dan Housman said...

BTW: Our company, Viapoint (, is producing a tool with support for Google Desktop Search. It will be released in February. For now you can look at it at . The functionality is that it provides a smart organizer management tool to allow users to browse content across multiple applications including email, files, web favorites, contacts, and companies organized into sets of virtual folders.

(Drop me a line if you are interested in testing it before we go live.