Thursday, December 09, 2004

An email from Y.P.Singh ...

describing the rationale behind his resignation. For those who don't know, Y.P.Singh is an honest, upright IPS officer who resigned from Indian Civil Services recently after being fed up of the corruption in Police machinery.

Dear Mr. Ravinder Singh and Mr. C. Umashankar,

I am so concerned about your feelings that I should have clung on to my job and should have taken recourse to the courts. But an intrinsic analysis will reveal otherwise.

Had I been running from the scene I wouldn't have resigned but enjoyed the glamour. Moreover, I am myself an expert in service matters and had won my own case relating to a service matter in the Supreme Court while arguing in person. Besides, in 2001, I got gold medal in law from Bombay University. That being so, I could have handled my grievances in the CAT and other Courts on my own and could have succeeded, too.

If I followed that option, which is akin to what is being suggested by Mr. Umashankar, I would have faced the following consequences:

FIRST: Spend unending years in court battles.

SECOND: After winning get marked become a black sheep and then always get dumped in a posting where you get salary with grand perquisites but without any work. No one ever will give you sensitive work.

THIRD: As you languish the corrupt will thrive in best of the positions.

FOURTH: You will be able to contribute nothing to the society by taking salary without work.

Having analysed this situation I made myself equipped with almost each and every law of the land. Moreover, I had got a practical cutting edge experience in handling matters relating to the violations of law, investigating them and then pursuing the cases right up to the Supreme Court. Hence I concluded that if I quit I will have the following advantages:

FIRST: Being equipped in law I can take the issues for innumerable people who suffer on account of those laws, which corrupt govt servants are supposed to implement but they do not implement, for money.

SECOND: Having a very profound understanding of corruption in high places thriving behind the complicated laws I can help honest NGOs taking up anti-corruption related matters.

THIRD: There is a vacuum in the legal field of those people who have seen the courts as well as the implementation and non-implementation of laws in the govt. from inside. This experience can fill up a void in this area.

FOURTH: Being free to speak and with a different view of looking at things, one can bring into public domains so many matters which only a person who understands the govt from within can do so. Being in service one cannot speak and if he does he is branded as indisciplined and then nailed.

FIFTH: It is better to take up matters related above when one is young. Not only does this command greater credibility but it also gives a better orientation to mental faculties at the right age.

SIXTH: Being outside, one can also take a dynamic initiative for policy reforms.

SEVENTH: Law is a profession where to make both ends meet is very easy. Moreover, one can generate surplus income, which can be channelled for society's good.

I would be the last person to take a decision on impulse. I have taken this step only after a rational analysis, which leads to this singular conclusion. It was certainly a lesser evil.

I am grateful to my friends who have thought so fervently about me.


Y.P. Singh

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