Thursday, December 02, 2004

Customer Satisfaction : A beautiful example.

A true life story from one of the internal mailing lists. Goes on to show how to build loyal customers !!


Subject: Customer Satisfaction : A beautiful example.


I am literally forced by self to narrate this beautiful incident which happened with me,,,a real good example of Customer Concern and Satisfaction !!!!

I have recently relocated from Delhi where I was working for last 5 years. Since these years, my wife had been using a particular brand of hair soap, Kesh Nikhar which is very popular in North India. However after shifting to Bangalore, it was quite a shock for my wife that this soap is not only unavailable in markets but most of the stores have no idea of this brand. This quite made her upset as she did not wanted to change the soap.

After searching many stores and shops, I could not help but wrote a one line mail to the company (which I got from an online directory).I was quite not expecting much of the response..

I was really surprised today morning when I found a packet for me in my mail box - from the company with 06 pieces of Soap and a letter from the GM of the co. This is quite a nice experience considering the customer approach one finds in many FMCG companies in India. The letter states that this soap is not yet been launched in South and they are sending me this as a GIFT for me !!!!!

That is why they say "Truth is stranger than fiction"


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