Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cost of getting House live on air: Rs 120 cr

What would it cost to realise Speaker Somnath Chatterjee's dream of bringing live to viewers the activities of Parliamentarians they voted to power? Rough estimates indicate that transmitting two channels — one for the Lok Sabha and the other for the Rajya Sabha, round the clock — would work up to Rs 120 crore annually for each of the channels. This would be minus the cost for hiring a transponder if ISRO chooses to waive the amount.

Roughly, the costs work out like this: To produce 10 hours of original programming, the Prasar Bharati Corporation requires Rs 50 lakh per day per channel. Add to this the cost of uplinking, which has to be eventually borne by somebody, which is around Rs 10 crore, and the manpower required to make the programmes.


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