Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cataract eye operation in Chennai

Came up in an internal mailing list. Suggestions welcome.

[on behalf of my friend, for your valuable comments]


My mom has cataract problem and hence was advised to undergo cataract operation. The problem is so trivial that she cannot see things clearly (even others can observe she’s struggling).

I contacted Dr. Arul Mozhi Varman (he talked about Laser treatment advancement in Sun TV) who is having Uma Clinic in Anna nagar. He said cataract operation is permanent solution and my mom’s case has crossed a certain stage like that. He also said some options like wearing glasses but that will postpone the operation for a year. Also the operation is using laser treatment and it takes hardly 3hrs hospitalization and after that she’ll be normal as usual, he said.

But somebody told my mom that after laser treatment, one guy is having head ache and dizziness (he’s an old man though). I don’t know how far it is true and related to this but my mom is afraid now and not willing to undergo operation. Even I just want to clarify the effect of this operation from a wider audience.

I want to know the following details from people who experienced or having family examples like this case (I may not prefer general personal opinions on the problem).

1. Is this laser treatment is safe enough?
2. Is Laser treatment for Cataract problem has any side effects?
3. Is this operation a permanent solution or do we need to have glasses after some years?

(Doctor said not reqd.)

4. Who is the best doctor in Chennai? I would prefer the doctor first than the hospital name like Shankara Nethralaya. Any personal or family experiences are most welcome.

5. Any personal referrals (Doctors) if possible?

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