Monday, November 15, 2004

The Webmail Wars - GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail ...

From my favorite /.

"Much of the excitement around Gmail has centered around its innovative interface, but a pretty interface is hardly Gmail's biggest contribution. Gmail's real contribution to webmail is its innovative business model. The new business model is what's allowing Gmail to offer 1 GB storage quotas, and still have an expectation of making money. Of course, Microsoft and Yahoo have noticed this too, and one can reasonably expect them to move their webmail services to the new model. An interesting battle is shaping up between the big three webmail providers, and my article "The Webmail Wars" analyzes some possible scenarios and outcomes."

It amazes me that people still use that junk webmail called HotMail. It's so full of spam that I don't consider it even the slightest bit useful !! Ages ago and even recently, I created an account and each time, even without sending a single mail out of it or exposing it to any of my contacts, I used to get spammed. It's almost as if HotMail was giving away email address to spammers on platters !! Damn M$ !! :)

Heh, now I'm happy 'cos M$ bashing for the day is over :)

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