Saturday, November 13, 2004

Seminars from Center for Excellence in Wireless Technologies (CeWiT) in Chennai ...

Here's some info on an upcoming Nov-27, Nov-29 worskhops in Chennai for Wireless Technologies. These are focussed on next-gen GSM and CDMA. Wish the Wi-Fi one was being held in Chennai! More details in mail below.

I'm sitting at home trying to get to the registration page, however none of the browsers (Mozilla FireFox 1.0, Opera 7) seem to be working. I understand from others that the site uses proprietary IE specific javascript, probably because it uses the web format version of a powerpoint presentation. As someone else put it,

See . This is a lot more than a security issue. IE specific websites force people to use a commercial, proprietary operating system, thereby discriminating users of other operating systems (many of them Free ones). These policies of websites itself is one of the main reasons of the monopoly status of Windows.

I wish this site, being all about technology, do justice by being standards-compliant and non-discriminatory.

Anyway, here's the actual details about the seminar from the famous Dr. Ashok Jhunjunwala of IITM fame :

Dear friends,

So much hype surrounds wireless, that we very often forget facts. In order to better separates facts from reality, we are organizing three workshops on what is emerging as the next generation wireless technologies for wide area Internet provision.

You may have heard of Center for Excellence in Wireless Technologies (CeWiT) currently located at IIT Madras. We have just posted a draft position paper on the web on what India should look for. In the meanwhile we are conducting three one day workshops on next generation Wireless Internet technologies on Nov 27 (on HSDPA - nextgen GSM), Nov 29 (on HDR - nextgen CDMA) at IIT Madras and on Dec 3 (on WiMax) at Delhi. The workshops will be of very high standard and will be good learning experience. The workshops have no fees, but the seats are limited. It is being conducted by renowned experts from around the world.

The URL for the CeWiT workshops are : They have details and registration form.

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